No Black Friday at Philéone!

This year again, Black Friday invades our advertising spaces, our streets, our social networks and other media. At Philéone our positioning is clear and does not vary: Black Friday is an economic, ecological and social aberration.

Imported from the United States, this Black Friday event corresponds across the Atlantic to a day of promotions the day after Thanksgiving, thus launching the Christmas period. If it was surprising to see the arrival of this tradition in France, in a country where periods of sales are already framed by the labor code, its expansion questions us on its adequacy with the time in which we live.

First of all, adding promotions just before the holidays, a period when small merchants achieve a significant turnover, is a major constraint that can jeopardize family businesses, such as ours. Indeed, throughout the year we practice fair prices, which allow the fair remuneration of each person involved in the manufacturing process of our accessories. We refuse to sell off their expertise to respond to a marketing model that seems meaningless to us.

Next, we don't believe in the patterns imposed by Fast Fashion , which would have us believe that consuming well means always buying more. This call for consumption through ever more attractive prices is not without consequences. We must all be aware of the impact of Black Friday on our planet and human rights: Over-consumption means feeding an ever-increasing demand which leads to over-production, and with it a multiplication of greenhouse gases from production to delivery. Moreover, the response to this excessive demand is sometimes, and we all know this, to the detriment of the human integrity of the people employed in these production chains, working in disastrous conditions.

So how do we act responsibly?

At Philéone we advocate consuming it less and better !

Our goal is to make our customers aware of the impact of their textile purchases. The textile industry can be virtuous when it creates jobs in favorable conditions, when it guarantees the use of responsible, sustainable and environment-friendly materials, when it is transparent towards its customers.

We believe that consuming differently means investing in more sustainable pieces, locally made and which perpetuate French textile know-how by reducing the carbon footprint of our purchases.

So at Philéone, you won't find Black Friday promotions, but you will be able to find the values ​​that we defend through our products and some food for thought through our articles on this subject that we are so passionate about!

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