Maintenance of materials

All the tips for taking good care of your Philéone fabrics and accessories.
the silk
Care tips for your silk products

Wash your silk product in lukewarm water, with a mild detergent. By hand or machine (hand program, 30°, 600 revolutions maximum). Gently squeeze your silk. You can use a terry towel to absorb water if necessary. Lay out your product and let it air dry. Be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight. Then iron your product slightly damp, on the reverse and with a low iron. Avoid using steam so as not to wet your silk, as this may cause a halo.

If it is already dry, iron it using a damp cloth. It is not recommended to insist on hems and seams.

Storage - Silk scarves

Silk is a natural and living material. Do not lock it in a box and do not put it in a ball. The ideal is to suspend it, so that it does not wrinkle and that it can breathe. It is also important not to expose it directly to light so as not to discolor the fabric.

silk ties
Care tips for your ties

To clean a silk tie, we advise you to take it to the dry cleaners. To remove a stain from your silk tie: moisten it with lukewarm water and put a dab of Marseille soap on the stain. Do not scratch as this may damage the fabric. Then let your tie air dry. Then iron it on a low iron.

Remember to untie the tie after wearing it.

To reduce the area of ​​use, try to tie your tie always at the same level. If wrinkles persist, do not iron your tie directly but use the steam from your iron (be careful to keep the iron away from the tie). Little tip: you can hang your tie in your bathroom when you take a shower. The action of the steam will smooth the fabric.

Storage - Silk Ties

Hang your ties on a hanger or roll them from the tip to the widest side. Then store them flat in a drawer or box.

Care tips for your yarns

Place your product in a protective net. Use a suitable programme: wool, delicate laundry, etc. The water should not be more than 30°, the cycle should be short and the spin speed should not exceed 600 revolutions per minute. Use a mild or special detergent for wool. Do not use fabric softener. Never dry your product in the dryer, but let it air dry. Once dry, you can iron it.


Hand washing

Wash your product in lukewarm water with a mild detergent and rinse with cold water. Be careful not to wring it, it could deform. To remove excess water, place your product in a towel and dab. We do not recommend hanging it to dry or using a dryer. Lay it flat, and let it dry in the open air, away from the sun. For ironing, use a wet paste. Otherwise, put your iron in the wool setting.

the cotton
Cotton Care Tips

Cotton is very durable and holds up well to machine washing. Machine wash your product at 40°. You can use regular detergent or mild detergent. Lay it out and dry the scarf in the open air, away from the sun. Iron by setting your iron to cotton mode.

Linen Care Tips

Linen is the first natural material to have been woven! Resistant, it supports machine washing very well at 40°, with a short cycle and preferably without spinning. For hand washing, use lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Immerse your product and rub if necessary. Then rinse with clean water. Spread out your linen, and let it dry in the open air, away from the sun. For ironing, you can use the linen program (hot iron).