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Traçabilité textile

Textile traceability: what is it?

Textile traceability is the ability to identify in which countries and under what conditions the different stages of production of a textile product have been carried out. As with the food industry, it thus provides consumers with important information.

Why is this important?

Textile traceability plays a major role in preserving our planet.
Indeed, we buy our textile products blindly, without knowing or where nor how these were made. The mention "Made in" for example is not compulsory in Europe, and only indicates the country where the last manufacturing operation on the product was carried out. But we have no precise idea where the yarn used to make our jeans comes from, or where our blouse was woven, dyed or printed.

This opacity in the information on the provenance of our clothes can be confusing and complicate the task of informed consumers. We now know that the textile industry is in turmoil. The consequences of fast-fashion are dramatic for the environment, and it is becoming more and more necessary to be able to identify the different stages of manufacture of a garment, in order to be able to know its real carbon footprint. . ( see our article on sales and excesses of fast-fashion ).

Our commitments as textile professionals

As a very small company involved in the Lyon textile industry for many years, we have always been keen to preserve our French textile know-how. As such, we ensure that c each of the production stages of the Philéone collection, creation, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing and making is 100% made in France. .

In addition to preserving jobs, we now know that this reasoned production reduces the impact of our textile purchases on the planet, since 'it is estimated that a product made entirely in France generates 2x less CO2 than an imported textile product ( see information video of the textile industry ).

How can you act?

The French textile industry and Euromed have been working for several years for greater transparency of textile products. The AGEC law and the Resilience and Climate law have taken our requests into account and today, our group of companies labeled France Terre Textile is asked by the government to participate in the development of a label of textile traceability.

We want this label to be easy to set up for our SMEs, and easy to read for you, our customers. Do you want to participate in this initiative? Here's how:

1. Fill out this questionnaire and help us create the perfect label
2. Follow us on our social networks to be informed of the developments of the project: Linkedin / Facebook / Instagram
3. Go to the site dedicated to this project , and educate people around you.

Together, we move forward!

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