4 tips for better recycling our fabrics

On the occasion of world recycling day , we offer you 4 tips to better recycle your used textiles.

Recyclage du textile

Did you know? The textile industry is one of the most polluting in the world. In France, a citizen throws away an average of 11 kilos of textile waste per year. So what can we do to give a second life to our clothes, linens and others?

1. Consume less, but better

The recycling of a textile depends on the quality of the fabric itself, and many products from the fast-fashion are not today not fully recyclable due to their poor quality. Learning to consume differently, by buying less, but by investing in better quality pieces that can be kept longer, is one of the first steps in promoting efficient textile recycling.

2. Transform, darn, divert ...

A holed sweater will be adorned with superb elbow patches, a T-shirt will be transformed into a cloth for dust at the speed of light, fabric coupons will be used to make a tailor-made and unique piece ... Be creative, the There is no shortage of options for converting your textile waste!

3. Buy second hand

Whether in thrift stores or on resale sites, giving a second life to an already used garment is an easy and effective way to recycle textiles, with the added bonus of the possibility of stumbling upon real little nuggets of another time, or on pieces from old collections already worn and in fact a little cheaper than usual.

4. Give

Spring is coming and this is an opportunity to sort your closet. That little top bought on sale 3 years ago but you've never worn? That pair of shoes that were left in their box and have collected the dust? Without making you happy, these products will surely make people happy elsewhere. You can carry them in a container Relais near you, or in any other entity that accepts clothing donations, as Emmaüs , The Red Cross , or the Bric à brac of the Notre-Dame des Sans-abri home , for example.

Our commitments at Philéone

At Philéone, each step in the creation of our products, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, and making takes place in France! We thus offer you quality collections, with a reduced carbon footprint.

A little extra, to help you ensure the longevity of your products, we have created a material maintenance guide for you , with all our tips to pamper your silk scarves, ties, scarves etc. !

Finally, for the people of Lyon who follow us, each season in our shop we offer sales of fabric coupons by the meter and by weight, which are offcuts recovered from our collection tests.

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