French made

We work with French production units, located in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and Occitanie. Each of them plays a key role in the manufacture of our products:

• our scarves and stoles - in wool and wool and silk - are woven in Haute-Loire (43), then dyed and finished in Tarn (81),

• our scarves, scarves, bandanas, scrunchies, masks and other silk products are woven and printed in Loire (42) and Isère (38). Some of our silk scarves are even hand painted in the Loire (42),

• finally, all our items are made in Ain (01) and Loire (42).

The Philéone models are therefore all made in France ! This commitment represents a strong value of our family business, and allows us to continue to promote the French textile industry, with respect for people and the planet.