Textiles and global warming: how to help our fellow citizens to better understand the impact of their textile purchases?

Better understand the impact of our textile purchases

Today in the world, the textile industry is one of the most carbon-intensive and polluting industries. Based on this observation, we are committed to guaranteeing greater transparency in the traceability of textile products.

In September 2021, we asked you to give your opinion on the traceability label imagined by the members of the France Terre Textile label, to which we belong. This work has served and today, the Union des Industries Textile has created a group of 18 textile companies, of different sizes and professions to go further.

Philéone, alongside colleagues such as Eminence, Le Slip Français, 1083, Armor-lux and Les Tissages de Charlieu, are working with ADEME to imagine the traceability of tomorrow. 

This phase of experimentation aims to propose an effective methodology.

Its objective: to better inform consumers about the environmental impacts of their textile purchases, and to encourage consumption and therefore textile production that is more respectful of the environment.

The method we are working on aims to set up a label:

  • Simple to understand for consumers,
  • Easy to implement for companies (and in particular compatible with SMEs),
  • Allowing better differentiation between products,
  • Transparent thanks to methodologies and databases without technical or organizational opacity
  • Accessible and scalable, to facilitate its deployment and its universality thanks to open-source tools and self-supplied databases by companies

Several meetings have already been held and a magnificent work of cooperation is taking place . These meetings make it possible to take into account all the manufacturing stages of the textile industry in its reality and not in a virtual way. They are the place of exchanges between several generations and different trades .

We will be able to communicate the results of this work to you at the start of the school year in September, and perhaps by then we will need you again to test the correct understanding of the label!

For further

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Our common desire to protect our planet requires awareness and a change in our behavior in our consumption patterns. La Maison des Canuts, through its mission of mediation and education, is a proud player in this awareness, as is Philéone, labeled France Terre Textile and committed to more ethical and responsible production.

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