What are the differences between a scarf, a stole and a neckerchief?

We tell you everything about these 3 flagship products from our collections.

The scarf

Scarves made in France
The scarf differs from the stole and the neckerchief by its size and its texture. Their only common point: all these models are rectangular in shape, unlike the bandana, the square and the shawl which are square in shape.

The width of a scarf can vary between 30 and 40 cm, for a length ranging from 150 to 200 cm.
Unlike the scarf, the primary purpose of a scarf is to keep warm, and to keep our necks sheltered from winter temperatures.

It is therefore worn outdoors, and is woven or knitted with thick and warm yarns. There are scarves made of a single material (eg wool, cashmere etc.), or made of a mixture of materials (eg wool and silk, wool and cotton etc.).

The stole

Stole made in France

The stole is wider and longer than the neckerchief or scarf. Its width varies between 60 and 80 cm, and its length can range from 160 to 220 cm.

It can be worn on the shoulders like a shawl, or around the neck like a large neckerchief or a large scarf. What characterizes the stole is therefore above all its size!

The scarf

Silk scarf made in France

The scarf is woven or knitted with fine threads. It is a useful accessory, which is intended to insulate against heat, cold or wind, but it is also an aesthetic accessory, perfect for embellishing or giving a twist to your outfits.

In the Philéone collection, scarves are often 100% silk. They are wispy and delicate, and can be varied in shape.
Thus, we find "bandana" format scarves, small and square, or "scarf" format scarves, long and narrow. There are also "stole" format scarves, very enveloping.

And There you go !

You now know the main characteristics that distinguish scarves from stoles and scarves. Take a tour of our collections and discover all our 100% made in France products for women and men, these are wonderful gifts to offer or to treat yourself for Christmas!  

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