Presentation of our labels: France Terre Textile

Since 2016, Philéone has been labeled France Terre Textile , a label of French textile excellence that commits member companies on several points.

1. Local production
More than ¾ of the production steps are carried out in France in a short circuit.

2. Nice quality
Each step is subject to 6 control points, ensuring more longevity for your product.

3. Respect for the environment
1 kilo of textile produced in France generates 27 kg of CO2 equivalent, half as much as if it were imported.

4. Jobs
More than 60,000 people work in textiles in France. These are all preserved skills.

Today, more than 150 companies have the France Terre Textile label and promote the French textile industry, which is sustainable and responsible.

For more information, you can visit the website