Philéone, a brand 100% made in France: what does that mean?

Philéone is a family business created in 2017, and which is the fruit of the work of 5 generations of textile enthusiasts.

Building on the experience and ties forged over the years, first in the production and B to B sale of fabrics for major fashion houses, then in telling the general public about the history of silk in the Maison des Canuts de Lyon, we have acquired textile know-how and set up a network of partners and suppliers based in France, which today allows us to offer you products entirely manufactured on our territory.

Side Face - Fabrics

Our fabrics all come from tests, old collections and end of production of beautiful French textile houses. We do not produce any fabrics ourselves.

  • the linens come from the Lemaitre-Demeestere company, based in the North,
  • coated cottons from Garnier-Thiebaut, in the Vosges,
  • the moires are made by Benaud Création, based in Lyon,
  • the mixed textile coupons come from the company Dutel, based in Rillieux near Lyon,
  • the silks come from Denis & Fils, located in Montchal in the Loire, and from the Manufacture Prelle, located in Croix-Rousse

Battery Side - The Accessories

We mainly work with production units located in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and Occitanie. Each of them plays a key role in the manufacture of our products:

  • our scarves and stoles, in wool and wool and silk, are woven in Haute-Loire (43), then dyed and finished in Tarn (81),
  • our scarves, scarves, bandanas, scrunchies, masks and other silk products are woven and printed in Loire (42) and Isère (38). Some of our silk scarves are even hand painted in the Loire (42),
  • finally all our articles are made in Ain (01) and in Loire (42).

This desire to offer you a 100% French offer results from our passion for a textile industry particularly rooted in the history of our country. This commitment, which has driven us for more than 30 years, represents a strong value of our family business, and allows us to continue to value the work of our suppliers and partners, while maintaining production that respects the planet.