Small details of the sales at Philéone

A production philosophy that respects people and the planet

At Philéone, we work in a short and local circuit, which allows us to offer you good quality at fair prices all year round, for products that last over time.

We develop voluntarily two collections per year: Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter, and let's calmly follow the rhythm of the seasons.

Our desire not to participate in textile overproduction allows us to work in an enlightened way, hand in hand with our subcontractors: each item in our collections is created, woven, knitted, dyed, printed and made with know-how and love in France!

Thus, we develop a production where each contributor is decently remunerated, and where the planet is respected. We are part of the philosophy of our parent company, the Maison des Canuts and in the ideal of the Canuts: "Live while working or die while fighting".

Redefine balances

The sales are a period of legal time defined by law.

The Commercial Code specifies: "S have considered as sales sales accompanied or preceded by advertising and announced as tending, by a reduction in price, to the accelerated sale of goods in stock. "

At Philéone, we choose to fall under the first definition of sales, unlike the
world of fast-fashion which inflates its prices throughout year to only sell at the normal price during sales.

We participate twice a year to spoil our loyal customers who are concerned about a more enlightened textile consumption. Thank you for supporting our corporate mission!

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