Silk mask: 3 reasons to choose it

Since last year, the mask has become an essential accessory in our daily life. Initially worn on an occasional basis, it has established itself more and more in a very specific health context.

In the midst of all the new information published about her, one of them stood out particularly for enthusiasts textile that we are: the efficiency of silk.

Highlighted by a team of researchers from the University of Cincinnati, silk would be the ideal textile to fight against viruses.
Masques en soie Philéone
1- Silk is breathable: it prevents humidity by itself reducing the risk of bacteria proliferation. It is a natural fiber which, when woven, provides good breathability. The exhaled air does not therefore stagnate, and the skin does not suffer from this excess moisture near the face.
2- Silk, when worn as a mask, is the most effective fabric to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 between individuals : thanks to copper, which partly composes it, silk benefits from natural antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties, making it a great ally to protect yourself while protecting others.
3- Silk is light and comfortable: its soft texture makes it comfortable to wear, and reduces the risk of skin irritation.