Silk scrunchies: 3 reasons to adopt them

The scrunchies are the latest in our range of 100% silk products. Plain or printed , in pongee or satin , these accessories have become the privileged partners of our mermaid hair. We give you 3 reasons to adopt them!

Silk scrunchies made in France

1 - They promote hair hydration

Silk is non-absorbent. This particularity allows it to promote the hydration and good health of our hair, by preserving the sebum which is naturally present there. And in addition to not drying out your hair, silk maintains the benefits of your hair products! Soft and supple manes guaranteed.

2 - They limit breakage and frizz

The silk is soft and glides over the hair. The risk of friction and therefore of knots, frizz, and even breakage will be less frequent with a silk scrunchie. No more damaged hair and pronounced marks from too tight rubber bands!

3 - They have a deliciously vintage side

To make a high bun, a ponytail or even to wear it casually around the wrist, the scrunchie is a fashion accessory in its own right, which reminds us of the 80s/90s and which gives a slightly vintage to any outfit.

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Their little extra: silk is a natural, antibacterial and hypoallergenic material. Silk scrunchies will therefore be ideal partners for people allergic to dust mites or even people with asthma!